In the roadmap's evolution, Baby Luffy is poised for transformative milestones. Following the NFT click-to-earn game, a pivotal moment awaits with the launch of the Luffy Group, introducing diverse revenue streams to fortify the project. Nestled between this strategic move and future football agency partnerships, a thrilling sequel unfolds — a second game accompanied by a mobile app. This dual venture not only enriches our ecosystem but also propels Baby Luffy into an exciting chapter where innovation meets sustained growth. Stay tuned for an exhilarating convergence of crypto, gaming, and real-world football connections.
October 2023
  • Project idea presentation
  • Core team presentation
  • Website launch
  • Social Media and community group creation
  • Contract Audit
  • $BLF token launch
  • Launch of NFT Click-To-Earn Game
  • First partnerships
  • Social media creation
November 2023
  • ZCore Wallet listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Telegram Marketing
  • KoinBx Listing
  • Whitepaper update
  • Roadmap update
  • Airdrop campaign
  • Binance Web3 listing
  • Game update
  • Luffy Group creation with sub projects as revenues source for Baby Luffy
December 2023
  • Global Marketing campaign
  • Marketing agency partnership
  • Start of Market Maker
  • Game update
  • Listing on Digifinex
  • Lock of tokens with FlokiFi
  • Partnership with CoinMarketCal
  • Liquidity injection
Q1 2024
  • New NFT Game Launch
  • Launch of IOS and Android version of the new game
  • OKX Listing
  • Announcement of Partnership with huge football players agency
  • Launch Baby Luffy Wallet
  • Global Marketing
  • Games updates
  • Announcement of new Baby Luffy ambassador
  • FT Marketplace launch
  • Baby Luffy Online Shop
Q2 2024
  • Start of partnership with huge football players agency
  • Launch of a NFT collection of Real World Football Players
  • Dividends distribution
  • Global Marketing
  • Announcement of new Baby Luffy ambassador
  • CEX Listing
Q3 2024
  • Coming soon…
More updates will be announced soon