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Luffy Group Ecosystem


Luffy Group is a dynamic consortium of crypto projects with its cornerstone being the Baby Luffy project. This innovative ecosystem is designed to foster a collaborative environment where each sub-project contributes to the growth of Baby Luffy.

Baby Luffy - The Parent Project:

Baby Luffy serves as the core project within the Luffy Group ecosystem. It acts as a hub, receiving 10% of the net profit generated by each subsidiary project, ensuring continuous development and sustainability.


The inaugural sub-project of Luffy Group is RangerBet. To delve into the specifics of RangerBet, visit (www.rangerbetonline.com). RangerBet represents our commitment to diversifying within the crypto space, offering unique opportunities and experiences to our community.










BITSOCCER (coming in Q1’2024)


Dedicated Development Teams

Each project under the Luffy Group umbrella will have a dedicated team committed to its specific development. This approach ensures focused attention, expertise, and resources tailored to the unique requirements of each project. By maintaining dedicated teams, we aim to optimize the development process and deliver high-quality, innovative solutions to our community.

Profit Distribution Mechanism

The Luffy Group operates on a transparent profit-sharing model. Fifty percent of the net profit generated by each sub-project flows directly into Baby Luffy. This ensures that as the Luffy ecosystem grows, the foundational project remains robust and capable of supporting future ventures.

Upcoming Projects

Stay tuned for exciting announcements as Luffy Group plans to unveil additional projects in the near future. These projects will each benefit from a dedicated team, further ensuring their success and contributing to the overall prosperity of the Luffy Group.

Community Engagement

Luffy Group places a strong emphasis on community engagement and feedback. We believe in the power of collaboration and welcome input from our community members to shape the direction of our projects.


Luffy Group envisions a thriving ecosystem where each project, supported by its dedicated team, contributes to the success of the whole. With Baby Luffy at the helm, and RangerBet as the first of many ventures, we are excited about the future possibilities within the Luffy Group ecosystem. Join us on this journey as we redefine the landscape of crypto projects and create lasting value for our community.

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